Hi! I know what it’s like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired, and to feel stuck and trapped in a life you never envisioned for yourself. Even further, I know how it feels to be imprisoned inside of your own limiting beliefs, negative and stinking thinking, and even your own body! In 2010, after hitting rock bottom, I realized it was time to make a change for the better - time to make a change toward a better and greater version of myself. So, I spent years doing the inner work to heal, grow, evolve and transform my life from the inside-out. As a result of the tools, methods, and evidenced-based practices I implemented, I recreated myself, and my life! Using those same methodologies, I am here to help you do the same!

I am a Transformation Consultant, Personal Development Strategist, speaker, and the author of Unclothed: Memoir of a Naked Soul. After spending over a decade working in the criminal justice field counseling and providing crisis intervention to juvenile and adult offenders in helping them to make better choices to change their lives, I decided to broaden my scope of reach by entering the personal development field as a speaker, consultant, mentor, and author. I am dedicated to helping you and many others transform your lives from the inside-out, so that you can live confident and fulfilling lives as your true and authentic selves!


I truly have a heart for the youth and believe if we can teach and show the younger generation better, we may possibly have a better future. Through my passion and personal experiences, I founded the self-esteem empowerment movement, Be Pretty Inside, Inc.

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Casandra is a bold and dynamic speaker who shares her personal story while also providing valuable content. She has spoken in front of many audiences including, but not limited to: youth, professional and corporate settings, churches, spiritual retreats, and women’s empowerment events. Casandra continues on a path toward lifelong learning and growing by attending seminars, workshops, educating herself in the personal development field and remaining engaged in her own inner work.


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