"We had the opportunity to hear Casandra Austin speak to a group of approximately 75 members of Illinois Women in Leadership in Springfield, Illinois in January, 2018. Casandra spoke with the eloquence of an author who has lived their story, along with the enthusiasm of someone who is not done transforming themselves.  She spoke of an abusive childhood and how living through that allowed her to become the strong, confident woman that stood before and challenged us.  Casandra is well spoken and touches her audience on a  personal level, allowing them to apply lessons learned and inspiring them to reach beyond and become the best version of themselves."

~Jennifer Sublett~ IWILL President


“The program was a great way to start off the New Year. Casandra brought not only insightful information, but gave you ways to obtain what she was talking about. The exercise of asking who you are, without using the labels that you generally associate yourself with, was one of my favorite things." 

“Casandra’s presentation was excellent and I’m so glad that I went. It seems people are so busy these days (by choice) that they don’t slow down enough to make friendships, form bonds, be real, or share experiences. Hearing what she has gone through and how she has worked through all that happened to her by asking three main questions gives me much to reflect on. Learning how she has come so very far to find out who she really is (not just who she thinks she should be or who others expect her to be) while still sharing her setbacks makes us all realize we never really “arrive” and that when we stumble or lose our way we must brush off our “why.” Thank you, Casandra, for being so real and for heeding the call to share your experiences and life’s journey in order to help others. Your transformation from the inside out is truly inspirational.”

 “I found it thought provoking, and she reminded me why even as a “senior,” I still attend meetings like AWC - because I can learn something new, about the world or about myself.”

 ~Association of Women in Communication (AWC) Luncheon attendees

"I began working with Casandra during a very emotional time in my life.  I was disconnecting from a relationship and in the process I was trying to find myself.  Through countless talks I remember Casandra reminding me of my worth. Reminding me how important my healing was and the blessings on the other side. She reminded me of who I am and Who's I am. What I appreciate about her is that she is very direct. She didn't hold any punches and didn't sugarcoat anything. I called Casandra one day and asked her "How do I let go of someone I have loved for so long?" 

She provided me with a healing plan. I did this and one day it just clicked! Everything she said came back to me and now I'm walking in freedom from that relationship and have started loving myself better. I thank God that He directed me to go to her in my time of need. I surely got the help I needed!"

~Tyra D. Jones~


"Casandra replenished my faith in sisterhood. That sisterhood that loves, supports, guides and heals. She has an amazing gift to inspire and encourage. She sees the beauty in you and then helps you to see it in yourself!

~Sai Kanu~


"Casandra Austin has been most encouraging to me on my walk to gaining self-assurance and self-acceptance. She was very instrumental in helping me work through my own issues with acceptance and had patience with me even when I was unreasonable in my own thoughts. She offered opportunities for me to make initial steps and I can't thank her enough for the positive impact it has had in my life. I was able to look at the person in the mirror and choose to accept what I was already blessed with and I walked through the door of acceptance and now my life has been richly blessed because of it! Thanks, Casandra! 

~Jacqueline G.~

“Your accountability partner keeps you on track and moving forward in all aspects of your development.”
— Mike Staver