Are you struggling to connect with others? Do you want to belong to a genuine community but are holding back and are unsure why? Would you like to overcome hurt and hate caused by injustices in the workplace and beyond? Do you want to be fully accepted by a community that you feel has or is rejecting you?

* Mindfulness
* Break-through exercises
* Reflection and affirmative statements
* Meditation
* Beginner yoga
* Group discussion
* More fun surprises!

Come together in community with Casandra Austin-McDonald and Amy Denney, to work on healing past hurts that may be choking out your true identity and purpose. We will plant seeds of hope as we work through any issues that may need to be buried for good so that the new you can flourish, bearing good fruit.

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FREE Local Workshop For Those in Need

Casandra teaches FREE self-esteem empowerment (taking off the mask) workshops on Wednesday evenings, 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., at Pure Haven Counseling and Resource Center in Springfield, Illinois.  Contact information is below. 

Contact: Melody Hulett

Phone: 217-679-4009



Stay tuned for more information on Casandra’s forthcoming speaking events!