Unclothed Memoir of a Naked Soul


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     "Unclothed: Memoir of A Naked Soul is a personal-growth memoir based upon the story of a young girl, Casandra, who candidly shares how the tumultuous experiences of her childhood impacted her life. She takes readers on a journey as she discovered her true self despite broken homes, broken relationships, and broken dreams; and learned how to mend her heart and soul. This is a must read which enables readers to reflect upon their own lives and discover internal wounds they didn't realize existed. Unclothed is a brilliant and transparent piece that evokes change within the reader when they have an open mind and heart."                                

Available in paperback or kindle version

Unclothed: Memoir of A Naked Soul
By Casandra M Austin


What are readers saying after reading Unclothed?

"From reading your book it just encouraged me to keep going and helped me realized that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!"


"I love Unclothed! I started reading it yesterday and I cannot put it down! Thanks for sharing your story."


"Wonderful book!!!! Gives others hope that they too can come out of bad situations and depression!!!!! Very strong woman!!!!!"


"I just wanted to tell you how much I truly loved and was inspired by your book. I finished it in less than one day unable to put it down. I was able to relate to your words in an emotional way because I also have had forms of abuse occur in my past that I've had a hard time overcoming still to this day. Your book inspired me to come to the realization that it is okay to overcome those obstacles in order to move forward on a positive road. You're an amazing writer and I am definitely spreading the word about your book!"