No One is Going to Save You, But You Can Save Yourself!

We all like to think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with us and that everything is always someone else’s fault. Simply put, that is not true. Every person on this planet is a fallible human being who has imperfections with plenty of room for improvement. However, the challenge is admitting that to ourselves. How often do you go into the mirror, look past your own reflection, and see the work that needs to be done inside of yourself? If you’ve never done this, or are frightened to do so, I challenge you to give it a try! You will discover by embarking upon a journey of self-development, you can take your power back and change the direction of your life. Blaming others is not going to change your life or improve your circumstances.

Some even believe they are totally powerless and the only way their lives will change is by someone coming in and making it better. Sitting and waiting for someone to come and save the day is not going to get you very far. No one is going to save you, but you can save yourself. Blaming and waiting is counterproductive. If you truly desire a different outcome in your life, then you have to take action.


The Following Are 5 Tips For Working Toward a Better You:


1) Point your finger back toward yourself!

The “blame game” is a very familiar one to most. However, not much gets accomplished after pointing your finger and turning your nose up at someone else. How much can you truly get accomplished by blaming others? I imagine not much. Learn to accept some accountability for the choices you’ve made in your life that have lead to the outcome you are so discontent with. It will lighten the load from the burden you are carrying from counting other people’s “wrong doings.” By accepting accountability for yourself and the choices you've made in life, you will increase your chances of growing as an individual.


2) It’s okay to be wrong sometimes!

I mean, we aren’t robots who have been programmed by a computer system and were designed to perform at near perfection with minimal room for error. We are a species that thrives off of wisdom. Wisdom is often attained from the lessons learned after mistakes have been made. If you can learn to embrace your mistakes, you may actually learn something and grow if you apply what you have learned to your life. 


3) Don’t be jealous, be inspired!

Give that person their props! If you see someone doing something you think is good, or impressive, admire them with inspiration, not jealousy. Jealousy is a clear sign that you are still suffering from an illness called insecurities. Address it! You never know who you may evolve into if you don’t change your perception on how you view someone and allow them to teach you something. Being jealous will only cause hatred to grow within you and hinder you from becoming the best version of yourself.


 4) Alone time is a good thing!

When is the last time you sat in complete solitude and listened to your own thoughts? How do you truly feel about…YOU?! If you’re always in the midst of a crowd or suffer from the “I can’t be by myself” syndrome, you may miss your own internal warning signs that something inside of you needs to be addressed. Some things you may be ignoring could be past hurts, disappointments, failures, or even possible hidden grudges and bitterness that you’re harboring against someone else. Ignoring all or any of these can and will hold you back from healing and moving forward in life. Allow the pain to move through you, to grow you!



This is the most important tip of them all because each tip circles back to this, to love thyself! Imagine the world where self-love is taught, embraced, and practiced. There would be fewer judgments, less war, less fighting, and more compassion, kindness, and unity. This is an ideal world to live in. The way to achieve this ideal world is by first working on ourselves as individuals by learning how to love ourselves. What makes you happy and brings you joy? Do more of that! Don’t like something about yourself? Change it! But at the end of the day, if you make a valid effort toward working on loving yourself, you will, in turn, exude love and treat others with the same love that you treat yourself with. You cannot expect someone else to love you if you do not first love yourself. And remember, you attract what’s inside of you. So, if self-hatred and low self-esteem are what’s cooking in your kitchen then that is the meal that is going to be served to you. LOVE THYSELF!