New Beginnings...

Here we are! Another new year full of new possibilities and the chance to experience new beginnings. Each new of anything brings about the opportunity to create something better. It allows us to reflect on the old while applying what we’ve learned to the new. This can enable one to experience positive, uplifting and successful experiences. With this new year, I embrace the newness that bridges the gap between fear and faith. That bridge is called "action." I have made a bold decision to become more action oriented in 2017. This could mean and look like anything. Action in personal and professional goals. Action in how I conduct myself. Action in who I allow into my space or not and so on and so forth. Being action oriented is the recipe needed to create change. I spent a lot of time talking about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. So, I decided it is time to put forth the action necessary to achieve my desired results!

If you want your 2017 to look better than last year, I implore you to embrace and implement the following:


Listen to your own inner voice. Intuition. The Holy Spirit. God. The Creator. Whatever your heart desires to call it, there is an inner voice inside of you. It speaks to you to guide you along this journey called life. The more you ignore it, the more angst you experience. However, those times you humbly decide to take heed to that inner voice will be the moments you experience peace, clarity, and confidence. Don’t leave home without it!

Believe in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect anyone else to either. This is your life, your dreams, your goals, your visions and they all require YOUR belief! Your lack of belief in yourself is a clear sign of insecurity and doubt. Push those two boogers to the side and embrace inner confidence and faith! You have more inside of you than you give yourself credit for!

Cultivate better relationships with others. You were not put on this earth to do life alone! If you desire to experience fulfilling relationships, then you must invest in those relationships. Healthy and supporting relationships are achieved through your time, authenticity, efforts, open communication, and love. Don’t expect others to give you what you are not willing to give.

Practice gratitude daily. My grandma once said the more she complained, the more she thinks God gave her to complain about. Imagine what the outcome would be if you were grateful more often? I imagine you would have more to be grateful for. Think about it.

Love. Period. This world seems to get crazier and crazier. However, I’ve learned the more I love my own self, the more I love others. This can ultimately cause a ripple effect. If you love yourself, and then love so and so, and that person loves themselves, then they go to love others, etc. You see where I am going with this? Just love. Love drives out fear. Love drives out hate. Love heals. Love mends. Love bonds. Love creates. If you want to see and experience a change in 2017, begin with yourself. Begin with love.

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