Internal Makeover

Hello, everyone! My name is Casandra Austin. I created this blog as a means to allow people to hold each other's hands through our respective journeys toward forgiveness, healing, and self-love. Society often gets us caught up in the traps of focusing on physical appearances, titles, accolades, and material possessions while we forsake our inward selves. Yet, if our insides are "ugly," how long before that will reflect on the outside? Make-up will not heal the hurt. A nice hair-do will not enable you to think more clearly and positively. Designer clothes and shoes can only hide sickness and self hatred for so long. Comfort foods will only make you feel better emotionally for the moment. Prestigious titles and accolades can only mask the pain and disappointments that reside on the inside, not make them magically disappear. The list can go on and on and so forth.

Not that I am against dolling up and making myself glamorous for a night of fun, I actually love it! Nor do I discourage working hard for accolades and a distinguished well known name for oneself. I am an overachiever and can be a bit of a perfectionist at times, so I strive for the same. This is the point I am trying to make. I have simply realized my inside needs to be "pretty" too. I've suffered from severe depression, emotional eating, self hatred, negative thinking, and other dehumanizing elements that adversely affected my inward self. These were mainly the results of unaddressed pain from childhood abuse and trauma, heartbreaks, and other negative experiences I have endured. I used to be the one who tried to cover up all of my internal anguish with good looks, material possessions, and achievements. Yet, somewhere along my journey, I had an epiphany. I discovered I no longer wanted to continue to live "ugly" inside. I decided to take steps toward forgiveness and healing. I learned how to love myself by taking care of my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

I hope by sharing my personal experiences, and providing educational and other helpful material, we can all experience transformation in our lives together. Join me on this journey as we get started on our internal makeovers!